The Pet Grooming Professionals!

We strive to provide excellent dog grooming

Are you looking for someone who has the qualification and experience to provide your furry little friend with what it needs? If your puppy is in need of a professional makeover, you have come to the right place! Wiggles & Wags Grooming is a Portland, OR based pet grooming salon that will take care of your pet’s needs. Since our establishment in 1998, we have helped many pet owners by providing their little loved ones with impeccable services. We have a wide array of offers from which both you and your pet will benefit greatly. Whether you need a dog wash service or slight nail trimming, we are the Portland, OR experts for you!
Wiggles & Wags Grooming is not your ordinary dog grooming company. Every Portland, OR pet groomer working for us loves animals, and this is why every service is performed with the utmost dedication and care towards your pets. Working with animals is not an easy task, and this is why if your doggy needs a wash or a bit of hair and nail trimming, visit us.
There is a reason why working with animals is not easy. Pets can feel how a person is feeling, and they always react to the specific “vibe” emminating from a person. Because our professionals feel nothing but love and respect for your furry little friends, they remain calm and happy when being washed or cleaned. Besides makeovers, we perform teeth washing, ear cleaning, and more! If you wish to find out more about the services performed by our renowned pet salon, contact us today!